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​KLCSM, Korea's leading ship management company, signed a mutual busin…


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<A signing ceremony for AR/VR-based education and training courses was held on the 23rd. 
From the left, Mr. Jintae Lee (CEO of a Lloyd's Register Asian), Mr.Chanmin Park (CEO of KLCSM), Mr.Jinsuk Oh

(Director of ETRS center under Korea Maritime University), Mr.Daehui Kim (CEO of Samwoo Immersion's)> 

​KLCSM, Korea's leading ship management company, signed a mutual business agreement with Lloyd's Register,

Samwoo Emission Co., Ltd. and Korea Maritime University's Industry-Academic Research and Training Center

(ETRS Center) to commercialize 'LNG SHIP & SHORE Expert Training Center' using VR/AR on the 23rd.

KLCSM is in charge of overall ship management of SM Group's shipping sector, including Korea Line,

Korea Line LNG, Korea Shipping.

The LNG SHIP & SHORE Expert Training Center aims to foster excellent marine officers to board LNG carriers

based on KLCSM's technology for operation of LNG ships, Samwoo E-Motion's VR/AR technology,

certification system of Lloyd's class technology, professional training instructors of ETRS center. 

The mutual agreement is expected to save money and time for the smooth supply of well-qualified seafarers

to board LNG carriers and the training of crew members.

LNG is a natural gas resource, and its use is growing in many areas, including power generation, ships,

and automobile fuel, as well as domestic commercial use. In fact, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and

Energy earlier set up the "13th Long-Term Natural Gas Supply and Demand Plan" and predicted that

demand will increase by 0.81% annually until 2031.

In addition, the government said it will abolish old coal power plants early in its "8th Basic Plan for Supply

and Demand of Electricity," while converting coal power generation into LNG power generation.

This atmosphere is also detected in the process of establishing the 9th basic plan for electricity supply

and demand and the 14th plan for natural gas supply. The LNG industry expects the role of LNG

to be expanded as the government's energy conversion policy is actively reflected.

In addition, due to the International Maritime Organization (IMO)'s regulations on sulfur oxides

(SOx) of ship fuel oil and the continued tightening of greenhouse gas emission regulations,

each shipping company is entering the trend of using LNG as ship fuel, and the number of LNG Ship orders

has been increasing recently.

As a result, LNG-related industries, including LNG bunkering, are expected to continue to develop.

In light of these trends, it is essential to train professional seamen to supply LNG carriers.
However, the existing method of education has limitations in working-level education and it is less effective

than the time invested. In addition, the cost of training and training for seafarers also comes as a heavy burden

to the shipping company.

Park Chan-min, CEO of KLCSM, said, "To solve these problems, we plan to establish VR-based education

and training courses and establish an LNG expert training center to provide practical training to seafarers.

"We expect to produce a lot of excellent marine officers in a short period of time to meet

the growing demand for LNG ships."



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